Collision Repair

Will my car be like it was before the accident? Yes!

Our technicians' proficiency in the use of state-of-the-art repair equipment and methods assures a quality of workmanship that is unsurpassed in our industry and backed by a lifetime warranty. By focusing on what you really want after a collision, Valley Collision Center has developed a business model that is a major departure from timeworn industry practices.

When you arrive at Valley Collision Center you will be greeted by a professional staff member. After completing a brief information/expectations sheet, your Service Manager will go over your vehicle with you, noting all of your requests, comments, requirements and concerns. Your initial visual damage inspection will be completed while you wait, and you will receive a comprehensive itemized damage report. Your Service Manager can help you determine the best solution to your repair problems. Many times our clients need "collision counseling". Lets face it, you don't get into an accident every day, and don't always know what to do first. We do know what to do first. We've dedicated our professional lives to this industry, and have become very proficient at our craft. Give us your problem, we'll give you a solution.


Your estimate is being prepared by the latest, state-of-the-art software, which guarantees you the most accurate, thorough estimate available anywhere today. Our database holds information on over 14 million parts. The investment you've made in your vehicle will not be lost with us.

Whenever possible we pre-order the required parts for your repairs. In the event of a safety-related item, such as a broken taillamp, headlamp, turn signals, etc we will order under a "critical rush" and replace the damaged safety item before the rest of your parts arrive. But remember, you always have the option of dropping off your vehicle immediately if you don't feel comfortable driving it in the damaged condition.

Our Process


Tear Down

Your vehicle is ready for repairs, and all damaged parts are removed, and the vehicle is "de-trimmed". If hidden damage is revealed, we prepare a complete supplemental report of the additional damages, we locate required parts and pricing, secure authorization or a re-inspection by your insurance company, and then contact you with not just the problem, but the solution as well. You'll have lots of questions, and we make sure to have the answers. We will never proceed without your complete understanding, and approval of required work.


Frame Work

Our Shark diagnostic measuring system measures your frame or unibody vehicle by sonar. We can determine frame/unibody damage within millimeters, and of course put it within factory specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer.



Metal Work

Sheet metal repairs are handled in dedicated bays equipped with the latest equipment, including welders and materials like those used by automobile manufacturers.




Paint and clearcoat, the same coatings applied at the factory on most of today’s vehicles, are used exclusively in our state-of-the-art spray-bake booths. One of the largest investments our facility has made has been in our Zhangda booths, and what a return! Our flawless refinishing of your vehicle will be proof-positive that it was money well spent!



After repairing then refinishing your "de-trimmed" vehicle, the next step is to place the job back with your body technician for re-assembly. This is a precise stage as headlamps, door handles, bumpers, interior trim, and grilles are put back on the vehicle. All components are tested and in working condition before the technician continues.



If required, once all of the weight is put back on the vehicle, it is now ready for suspension alignment. This is also the department that recharges your air conditioner, tops off fluids, test drives, and mechanically inspects your vehicle for safety.




Now the vehicle is ready to be cleaned for delivery. Inside and out, engine compartments, trunks, under-carriage. We want to remove any signs that we were there! We want to return your vehicle in better condition than before it was wrecked, and make it look like it was never damaged.



All aspects of the repair are inspected to factory tolerances by your Service Manager. They perform a 22 point inspection, including horns, taillamps, air conditioning, heating, engine gauges, cleanliness, power locks, trunks, windows, and fuel doors. The vehicle is test driven, radio working, and final estimate checked against vehicle to make sure that if we have charged for something, that operation was done, or it is removed from your bill.


Payment Confirmation

Your Service Manager will confirm waived deductibles, location of insurance draft, and secures any supplemental damage payments before you arrive so there are no unexpected delays when you pick up your vehicle.



Final Inspection

This inspection is the most important. It is performed by you, our customer. You must be completely satisfied with the quality of your repairs, the treatment you received as one of our clients, the color match of your perfect paint. There will be no uneven gaps, and your vehicle is cleaner than before it was damaged. This is our goal each and every time. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to meet, and exceed your expectations.