Towing and Rental Assistance

At Valley Collision Center we will assist you in every step of the process including towing assistance and car rental reservations while your vehicle is in our shop.

Towing Assistance

We can arrange to have your vehicle picked up from any location, tow-yard, body shop, place of residence, anywhere. Just make one call to Valley Collision Center at (760) 241-7715. Our friendly receptionist is waiting to hear from you. In most cases your vehicle can be picked up within 1-2 hours from your call. If you need towing assistance after hours, please contact G&M towing at (760) 244-1868. 

Rental Car Assistance

While Valley Collision Center does not provide replacement vehicles while your car is being repaired, we can assist you in making your rental arrangements less hectic. We can make sure that the rental company of your choice is giving you preferential, courteous treatment, and billing the insurance company directly for your rental bill. We refer a great deal of customers to our local rental agencies. If you ever experience any level of discomfort with your rental vehicle, we want to know about it, and will help you with a quick resolution. It is important to us that you are comfortable during your repairs.